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Toe in the door and hoping for more

Posted by Dave on June 5, 2010

Well, I’ve sent out query letters to five agents on my list so far.  Three rejections, one hasn’t responded yet, and one asked for the first thirty pages.  Wait, what was that?  Oh yeah.  One asked for the first thirty pages!  (Trumpets blaring, fireworks going off in the background, bells ringing from steeples across the land, etc…)  I would have posted this sooner, but I just recently came out of the shock-induced coma this caused.  After all, it was my first time.

The feeling I had when I saw the request for pages is hard to describe.  Obviously, I was relieved when I didn’t see “after careful consideration,” “I’m afraid,” or “unfortunately” anywhere on the page.  Then came a brief surge of excitement, quickly tamped down by thoughts of “Okay, I got their attention.  Now what?” 

Well, now it’s a waiting game.  Actually, most sources say to keep querying the other agents on your list, even after one has requested to see part or all of the manuscript.  But I’m taking it a little slow this first time.  Dipping my toe in the pool, so to speak.  While I’m hoping for a positive response (and worldwide acclaim as the next great American fantasy writer….hey, a guy can dream, right?), I also don’t want to get so caught up in the process as to lose all sense of perspective.  Just because an agent has asked to see part of the manuscript, doesn’t mean it’s a given they’ll like it.  Even if this one takes the next step and requests the full manuscript, there is still the possibility of rejection.  It’s all part of this great game called writing.  Thousands upon thousands of hopefuls, vying for a relative handful of spots on bookstore shelves, competing against established authors that have a reputation for sales to support them. 

I do want to take a moment to thank those few that have read the book and offered their suggestions, or pointed out mistakes.  I wrote it, and I’ve looked at it a thousand times, but I still miss things simply because my brain automatically fills in the missing parts as I read it.  It’s frustrating, but I know why it happens, and I appreciate the people who have pointed out where something is wrong.  Now it’s time to get back to work on the next book while I wait for the response.  (Maybe that will keep me from checking my hotmail account every half hour.  Nah, probably not.)

So, keep your fingers (toes, eyes, whatever) crossed for me as I wait to hear back from this agent. 

Catch you next time,

“I’m arguing with a telepathic bird on another planet about whether or not a human chameleon is my girlfriend.  I think my weird-o-meter is broken.”
Quote from Jason Bennett in Jaben’s Rift.


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