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Changing directions…

Posted by Dave on July 4, 2010

I know it’s been a while again since my last post. I decided to take a different direction with Jaben’s Rift, which incidentally has been renamed to From a Far Land: Jaben’s Rift book 1, and I’ve been hard at work following that path.

I’ve decided to self-publish this first one (and perhaps the sequel, just for continuity’s sake). Now, before you say anything, it’s not due to any feedback I’ve received (or not received) from my queries. I only sent out five on this book. And it’s not due to any negative feedback I’ve received on the book or the writing. No, this was due to an overwhelming desire to see the book in print sooner than I would have if I had gone the traditional route. I still think I could have been published via an agent and publishing house, I simply didn’t want to wait.

It’s been a bit of work, but I will say that it’s been worth it. I’ve learned a few things going the self-published route that I’m not sure I would have going through a traditional publisher. Plus, I think this experience will help me with future novels that I will be going through agents with. I think it will help me work with editors, agents, and publishing companies, having gained at least a tiny insight into their side of the process.

I learned about book layouts, and when to leave the blank pages so everything lines up right and looks more professional. I designed the cover for it. I’m also learning about self-promotion. Last night I submitted the press release to twenty-nine newspapers, four television stations, fourteen radio stations, and nine area Chambers of Commerce. I have also designed fliers to put up in my town and surrounding towns. Hopefully, those will generate some response, perhaps an interview or two along with an article or book review here and there.

Will I be as successful with this one as I would have been going the traditional route? Honestly, probably not, but I think the extra insight I’ve gotten doing it this way will be worth it. I still believe in this book. I think the finished product is just as good or better than most of what’s on your neighborhood bookstore shelves. I hope you’ll take a chance and pick up a copy from Amazon.com. You can order a copy here (the publishing company) or here (Amazon). Or you can find it by searching Amazon for “Jaben’s Rift.” Author name is G. David Walker. The title will say “From a Far Land: Jaben’s Rift book 1.”

I won’t be posting as often here anymore. I’ve started a website where my future updates will be. You can find me now at the World of Walker at http://www.gdavidwalker.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, and I hope you’ll stop by and see me at my website.

Taking another step on the journey,


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